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Well HELLO there:)!! Welcome to Tiffany McNutt Photography {the blog}. Pull up a chair, relax and enjoy my latest sessions. I'm a natural light, on-location photographer serving in the 29 Palms, CA area. This is where I share sneak peeks of my recent sessions, exciting news and sometimes the latest happenings here in my little world. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in front of my lens soon:)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I feel really lucky that I have gotten to go photograph this family once again:) I love watching my little clients grow up and I must say Miss.Zaharah has grown so much since the first time I photographed her. She is becoming such a beautiful little lady!! I would seriously photograph this family over and over again they are just so chill the whole time & my sides hurt from laughing from our shoot! Check out there session:)

So they couldn't stop laughing after I asked Eric to open his eyes since they looked closed. But I loved how this photo turned out with them laughing:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When they say "True love knows no distance", they really do mean it when it comes to this couple. Anthony and Melanie started talking while he was in Afghanistan. The best part about this love story is that Melanie is from Austria. When Anthony got back to America they were planning on him going there for Christmas. But Melanie couldn't wait that long so she jumped on the next plane to America to meet Anthony. Melanie dropped everything in Austria, even going to law school to be with Anthony. Now how could you top that?!?! Check out these newly weds:)

Everytime Anthony would just look at Melanie..she was beaming from ear to ear:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I love doing homecomings, but the extra special ones I bet everyone will agree with me are the ones where the Dad gets to meet their child for the first time:) These have an extra sweet spot in my heart since I was one of those wives that waited there on pins and needles for my husband to come to meet our son for the first time. Well this little Miss. Brielle was getting that chance to meet her HERO/Daddy for the first time after 5 months of waiting!! She was so smiley, interested in chewing her fingers and passed out right before the buses came. I could just tell Erin was ready for Jason to get home so her family could be complete again!! Welcome Home Jason.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome Home.Henderson

YIPPEEEE....Julie has had this homecoming booked way before her husband even left 29 Palms.haha I met Julie & Nathan early summer last year when I did their couple shoot. They rocked their shoot, so when Julie asked me to do their homecoming I was so on board!!:) I had to really hold back the tears when she started to tear up...you could just tell by the smile on her face that she was on CLOUD 9 seeing those white buses. Knowing that this deployment was over and they just survived their first deployment...YAHOOO!!!! Welcome Home Nathan.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keeping Your Chin Up...

Now that its 2011, I plan on posting a few more blogs besides just "shoot" blogs...if that makes sense to you!haha:) I have learned SO MUCH since I have started my own business. I have grown as a person, business owner, photographer, mother, wife and friend..I have grown a lot in so many ways!!!

When I first started my business, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just knew that there was this little fire burning in me to show off my passion. I knew I had to just go after what I wanted and work my rear off to get there. I can't count how many hours I have spent reading, learning, trying over and over again to get it right...basically practice makes perfect as they say!! Please don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect. I still have ways to go to learn to get where I want to be even more. It took me time and it didn't happen over night for me like I wanted it to sometimes. I will admit that I did beat myself up because I wasn't like those photographers I looked up to. They are AMAZING!!! Their work is just breath taking and they have been in this business for years. I really did get bummed out a few times because I wanted to be at that point they were at. My attitude towards my business was getting me down because I just wanted to be like them...AMAZING and be at that point where they were! I was putting my all into my business and I still wasn't there. I had to remember that I was still a "newbie"...yes I said it NEWBIE!! I had to just take one step at a time learn more and more. I had to go at my own pace, my own speed even if the people around me were like rockets and taking off. Also I really didn't want to go out and seek help from people since I felt like a loser. I asked for that help and I got it. I got it from some many wonderful ladies. {You know who you are if your reading this:)!} That help just opened my eyes to so MANY things, so MANY possibilities that I can do for my business.

When I did my internship...Kristen rocked my world with all this knowledge that she just spilt out. My hand couldn't write fast enough on my notebook paper. I came home a new photographer, I was so confident in where I'm going with my business!! I remember her telling me not to worry about other photographers, focus on me and my business. I would get down in the dumps and forget that about myself and had to remember what she had told me along with the other advice!! Of course its an competitive business out there!!!! I see this here in 29 Palms, I see it back home in Kansas, I see it basically everywhere I look not just in photography either. It can be in cakes, car dealerships, clothing stores. But I bet Walmart isn't beating its self up about Target having a sale on furniture!!haha I just had to keep my eye on the prize..making my clients happy, giving them the most amazing photos they can cherish forever and remember their time here in 29 Palms or where ever they were located!

In my first year, I tackled my first wedding by myself for an amazing high school friend. I got to 2nd shoot two weddings with the fab Kristen and I'm so thankful I got that chance with her. I had to go through a name change due to some craziness..but its a change I don't regret!! I had to go through some ups and downs with so many things, it sure was a learning experience! I made it just in time to welcome a little girl into the world where her family was awaiting her arrival. I have made new friendships that will never end. I was able to witness one of my friends give birth to her son while her husband was in country. Been through a sand storm for a homecoming waiting on the buses to arrive for one of my best friends!! I got the chance to be there for many families meeting their new addition and cried at everyone of them!!! I have had to learn to separate my personal life from my business life because at one time it just consumed my whole life at one time!! Its hard to not put your all into your business but I know that I'm just human like everyone else. I have my own little family that is growing. I do this all by myself with no business partner. I have met so many AMAZING people since I opened my business, I wouldn't give that up for anything.

Basically I have learned to keep my chin up through all the rough patches and the smooth ones, that come my way:) Thats how everyone should be!! I have learned that I can't please everyone. I'm my own person, I have my own style, I have my own way of doing things! And I like it that way:):) Don't loose site of your goals!!! Don't loose site of your passion!!! I can't wait to further my business, one day settle back home in Kansas and still have my business running!!

Here are just some of my favorite moments from 2010..can't wait to make some more in 2011!!