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Well HELLO there:)!! Welcome to Tiffany McNutt Photography {the blog}. Pull up a chair, relax and enjoy my latest sessions. I'm a natural light, on-location photographer serving in the 29 Palms, CA area. This is where I share sneak peeks of my recent sessions, exciting news and sometimes the latest happenings here in my little world. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in front of my lens soon:)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Lily.Newborn

I was so excited to be able to do a girl newborn shoot, granted it was last minute I was still excited to capture Miss.Lily before she lost all her newborn cuteness:) Its been awhile since I got to do a newborn shoot and I forgot what it was like to hold such a tiny baby compared to Luckas being a toddler! Anyways Lily was born on July 19th, 2010 via C-Section. She was a beautiful 7lbs & 6.5oz, 19 inches long and took her first breath at 1:35pm. Her mother, dad & big sister couldn't be happier to have in the world after a difficult pregnancy. Lily was a hungry-machine which all newborns can be and soon after feel alseep in her mother arms! We had a very eventful newborn session that will most likely never be forgotten!! I hope that maybe down the line I will be to capture Miss.Lily again as she grows up and hits her new milestones. Here is Miss.Lily!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Testing Studio: Luckas & Peyton

I needed a cute little model to test out OJP's new studio for newborns & mini-tots, so I already knew who I would call for such a model. We are going to take a little walk down memory lane...Tatum and I have been friends since we both met eachother when she moved out here to 29 Palms and was about to "POP" from being pregnant and me just a few days behind her. Our due dates were just days apart and we met through one of my best friends who thought it was funny we had close due dates!!! I remember the day she went into labor and her texting me to not go into labor since the floor was filling up fast.haha Seems like forever ago in my mind that Peyton was born and then 6 days later Luckas was in this world. I remember Tatum, Pey & Eric coming and visiting me in the hospital after I had Luckas to stop by and keep me company since Justin was deployed over seas. It was so cute to have them "meet" even though they were just days old and have their first picture together. Ever since then our friendship has grown and our beautiful kids have grown up together. They have become apart of our family that we will never forget. Anyways Pey and Luckas were down for modeling if they had a sucker:) Pey is the cutest thing as always...how could you NOT love her cute smile full of chompers. And Luckas' fresh look from waking up from a nap!! But I got some really cute shots of them together and seperate, let me know what you think!! P.S & no we didn't plan to name our kids Luckas & Peyton after the One Tree Hill Series..haha
There first picture together..:)
wasnt she adorable?!? ugh i cant get over his waking up from a nap-cuteness:)
And they are together with their suckers:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Windust.Family

Not even 2 hours after I arrived for my internship with Kristen Booth, we were off to a family photoshoot. I honestly had no idea what to expect or what to think when we were driving to our location. Kristen and Rickey used to go to school together and they haven't seen eachother in a couple years. Alot had changed since they last saw eachother since Rickey is now married to Cameron and they have a beautiful baby girl Reily. Just as I thought the location couldnt get any better we were off to Camerons grandma's garden which was beyond AMAZING:) I felt like I was back in Kansas with these huge..no, scratch that....GIANT sunflowers and little sheds with little nick-nack's throught the garden. Kristen knew I was in heaven since she knows I'm a country girl! Well instead of talking about the photos, check them out yourself...

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm literally so excited to share these photos from my AWESOME internship this weekend with photographer Kristen Booth. She set up this amazing shoot with a beautiful model early Saturday morning. Katrina blew me out of the water by how she knew what she was doing and she isnt even a model!!! She is a very driven woman who is set out to be a doctor.....yes, I said DOCTOR. She is wanting to travel the world to help sick people and save innocent lives. This shoot boosted my confidence more since I have gained more experience. Honestly, how could it not look at how gorgeous she is. Here are the sneak peeks...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Home.Bretz

Don't you just love chubby adorable babies?!? I know I do. I met S & Paytin when Paytin was one of my tutu models. She was just to cute for words. I was really honored when S asked me to be there to capture that special time of her husband coming home from surviving their 1st Deployment. S & N met back on Ocotber 14th, 2003 between a mutual friend. They both thought eachother was cute and later that day N asked S for her number. He called her later that night and asked her to be his girlfriend. They got engaged back in March 2007 on top of the Space Needle in Seattle and got married on their anniversary of when they met on October 14, 2007. They were blessed with Miss.Paytin on November 18th, 2009. When I saw these two become one family again, you can just see the sparks fly between them. Paytin wasnt so sure on what was going on but I bet she was super pumped to see her daddy again. Congrats again Bretz family on being together again:)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome Home.Manning

High school sweethearts is where it all began for my girlfriend T and her husband C. They have been together for over 7 years now and have been married for almost 3 years. T & C have two adorable girls...two adorable four-legged girls Tatum & Tilly. They just survived their 2nd deployment and let me tell you homecoming was far from a little breeze!! We just heard the white buses turned onto Adobe and all of a sudden we get blasted by a nasty sandstorm. Traffic had stopped on base and there was a wreck right by the homecoming field, anything black was tan, girls hair were messed up, sand was in eyes, but the buses finally pulled in after it cleared up and T didn't care what she looked like. She just wanted to see C and be in his arms!! It was a homecoming to be remembered. Congrats on getting home safely C!!

Welcome Home.Hill

I love hearing how people met and how their realtionship began!! M & T's first started talking when T sent M a myspace message asking her if she liked pickles and peanut butter?! She thought he was a weirdo at first, but after talking to him for a month she thought he was a sweetie. They started dating in December 2007 and got married in January 2009. They have survivied 2 deployments and are planning on staying in the Marine Corps maybe one more enlistment. T was so happy to be back in M's arms, he literally stood there and looked at her and told her that she was beautiful. I was fighting back the tears, this couple is such a sweet couple. Welcome Home T!!


I had an awesome time getting to know C & L and their little boy Colton. They were so easy to photograph and Colton was such a great help when I needed him to help me out!! C & L met back in November 2005 when C was waiting on L when he came into her work place. He didnt say anthing to her the entire night and when it was time to leave he wanted to give her a $25 tip. She wouldn't take it unless he helped her pick up all the cigerette butts since it was a closing duties. He was on his hands and knees helping her, she finally gave him her number. They started dating and he left on deployment, came back and got married the next month after being home. It was just love at first sight!! Colton came as a surprise since they were told they wouldn't have children. He is a true blessing:) I could literally go on and on about this awesome family. I'm so happy that I got to meet them.

Catching Up:)

Sorry, its been a little since I posted anything. Its been kinda crazy around here these past few weeks. From homecomings, family shoots, vacations, teething toddlers its been one awesome month so far & so much more to come in the next few months:)

Well...I'm off to update the blog.Stay tuned..