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Well HELLO there:)!! Welcome to Tiffany McNutt Photography {the blog}. Pull up a chair, relax and enjoy my latest sessions. I'm a natural light, on-location photographer serving in the 29 Palms, CA area. This is where I share sneak peeks of my recent sessions, exciting news and sometimes the latest happenings here in my little world. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in front of my lens soon:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I will admit that I started this session with jamming out to some country music in my car, crossing my fingers that the crazy wind wouldn't be bad and hoping the sun would show its face. Jessica was just STUNNING and wouldn't stop laughing, smiling and she just lite up when she talked about her husband and her little man on the way:) The session was even better since Jessica and I are literally a couple weeks apart in our pregnancies so we were exchanging stories and just laughing the whole time. Jessica's mom came along, sweetest lady ever!! But the whole reason why Jessica wanted to do this session, was for her husband for an early Father's Day present, you will be seeing both of them on the blog in a few weeks when he comes home. Just in time for their little man to come into the world:):) Okay, enough chit chatting..check Jessica and her belly out!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I really felt like I was apart of the family during this session. And I love that feeling when I make that connection with a family:):) I was excited to do this session for her since her mom, sister and nephew came into town to visit her and her daughters. I was so thankful that the wind wasn't extreme crazy and that we got some amazing shots. I'm not going to blab on and on, I hope you all enjoy these amazing photos from their session:)!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


When Laura contacted me about this shoot, I was so excited to do this session for this family. To help this family express their loss of their little girl. Also to celebrate being a little family!! Miss.H just woke up from a nap and was really not into getting her photos done. But once she saw Sammy (the dog). She got a little twinkle in her eyes and a little smirk! She was just so adorable:) They were so sweet and I was very excited to meet them and photograph them. Check out there cute little session.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Operation Pillow Pet:)

I'm really excited to share these little shots from the project I get to be apart of. I was asked by a good friend of mine to photograph some products for her mom's business that she is putting together. I was very excited to jump on board after our phone call to learn more. To me its a twist of a Pillow Pet and a Daddy Doll and I will explain why! Operation Pillow Pet is a Bulldog Pillow that was inspired with the USMC in mind. I know from first hand that this pillow is so SOFT made from chinelle and is very cuddly. Just by a little velcro strap on its belly you can make into a stuffed animal or right into a pillow for your child. I know first hand that my son literally LOVES this pillow. Its his "doggy" pillow:) Now here is where it becomes like the Daddy Doll to me in its own special way...You can add an "I Love You" voice recorder collar to your Bulldog so that your child can hear that someone specials voice over and over again! There are new Bulldogs coming out hopefully in early June 2011 which I will be getting the special chance to photograph. There is a certain % that goes back to the Marine Corps to the "MWR" {Moral Welfare & Recreation}. For right now Operation Pillow Pet is only doing the USMC but will be doing other branches in the future! Also there is a cute soft Bulldog blanket you can also get, photos coming soon with that.
Website: www.operationpillowpets.com
{New Website in the the works}

For more information on Operation Pillow Pet please contact me at tiffanymcnuttphoto@live.com

Welcome Home.Dufour

FINALLY...FINALLY this homecoming has come:) I have been waiting for this day for my friend Nichole since the day she booked her session before her husband Cory left for his deployment to Afghanistan. Let me just say that Nichole was by far calm the whole day of Homecoming...but once we got stuck in between those 5 white buses that were being escorted by bikers. I think that's when it really hit her that her husband was about to be in her arms again!! A Homecoming in 29 Palms and in Camp Pendleton are really different {to me}, in Camp Pendleton they "tease" the family by having the armory so close to where they will be seeing their loved one again. They have to wait for those buses to pull up to their location to let the Marines/Sailors off. It was a big tease just waiting for them to turn in their weapons and seeing the bikes/buses just sitting there in walking distance!haha But the wait was worth it, to see Nichole's face and seeing Cory walk so fast to her..that was just priceless!!!! I'm so very happy for them both, Welcome Home Sgt. Dufour!!!
{On a side note: Welcome Home ALL 3/5 Marine/Sailors, Thank you guys so much for everything you have done! Remembering those who even gave it all for our country, you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!}

Seeing her husband walking SO FAST towards her......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Little "Orange" Adventure

I love taking little trips down to the San Diego area. One of my favorite spots to drive by is on our way to my husbands gramparents house during this time of year when everything is coming back to life. Ever since I started TMP...no when I first became part of his family I really loved this spot. It was just so beautiful and breaktaking to me since Kansas doesn't produce Oranges. So I decided I would do a "just because" shoot with Luckas. Sitting in the car for that long of a drive the day before, I knew he needed to stretch his legs and RUN. He had a BLAST and LOVED playing with the oranges that were on the ground. It smelt so amazing, fresh air, nice cool breeze and the smile that came over his face was so adorable. If I could I would of built a fort and camped out there for a few days!haha Shows me even the smallest things get forgotten..so it was nice to enjoy something free, small and made some memories for us!! Enjoy the "oranges" everyone:)