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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Denver Grace. 3 months

This little blog post is a little special to me. I met Jenna when I got the chance to photograph her husbands homecoming last year:) You can check it out {here}!! This homecoming was right before Jenna was due and Jenna was so excited her husband made it in time for the birth. It was so nice to finally meet her and see her cuteness for myself. She was to cute for the camera and when she wasn't happy, I got to hold her and she calmed right down:)

I asked Jenna to tell Miss. Denver Grace's story. Thank you Jenna for sharing her story!!

"Denver Grace was born 4 weeks premature at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs due to a condition that her mommy ended up with called HELLP syndrome, which is a severe form of pre eclampsia. Denver was born October 16 weighing 5 pounds 1 ounce and was 17.7 inches long. During labor and delivery mom was on a drug called magnesium to help prevent seizures as a result of the condition so when Denver was born she wasn't trying very hard to cry or even breathe so the doctors admitted her to the NICU and put her on a ventilator to wait for the drugs to wear off. They didn't seem too worried until she continued having troubles breathing into the following days when they discovered her pnuemothorax which is a hole in her lung. That healed rather quickly and Denver came off the ventilator that following Saturday, October 22nd which is when mommy and daddy were first able to hold her at 6 days old! We then spent two more weeks in the NICU going through many tests and the motions of teaching Denver to breathe and eat on her own without the help of machines. It was a rocky road that hasn't ended with leaving the hospital, since then Denver encountered an issue with her liver not functioning properly and trouble gaining weight which both seem to be improving. She also has a pending diagnosis of Bells Palsy which is rather common in some babies and tends to resolve within 4-5 months. We still have a long road ahead of us to getting our princess 100% caught up and healthy but we wouldn't trade her or our journey with her for anything in the world!!"

Now check just take a peek at her cuteness!!!



  1. Eeeek!!!! OMG love them :-) Thank you so much Tiffany :-)

  2. omg I have cried looking at each one of them. Even tho I knew the whole story I cried reading it to. That is my one and only precious Denver, my granddaughter. I love and miss her so much. You captured the true beauty of her and her momma. Thank you so much.