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Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Thursday Thoughts.Personal}

Sweet Spring time...thank you so much for finally coming back {well sort of, not the same here in the desert};) This blog post is going to be a little "homesick" blog about Kansas!! Go ahead and laugh...but I seriously miss Kansas in the spring time. Time for busting out the boats to go fishing on a nice sunny day, country driving with my step dad listening to some AC|DC while I learned how to drive, the birds start chirping then you get to see a robin, trees are starting to get their leaves back, start to mow the grass barefoot {yes, I know how to mow a lawn and I did it barefoot growing up!!} So just bare with me while I share some of my favorite things I do/did when I lived back home in Kansas:)
{Manual Driving}
Why YES..YES I do know how to drive a manual, PROUD OF IT:):) Thanks to my awesome Step-Dad for teaching me when he had the chance. Lets just say country driving is the best place to learn how to drive and more so how to learn how to drive a manual. I have some amazing memories with my step-sisters all out driving as we learned and sometimes having my friends tag along to learn. And that ended up being a total disaster that ended with laughing so hard our stomachs hurt so bad!! I still ask to this day when I go home if I can hop in that old Mazda to take it for a drive!!

I'm super jealous today since my Step-Dad is in Kansas right now as I'm writing this blog fishing! He busted out his new boat and is fishing, lucky little dog!! This is one of the biggest things I look forward to when we move back home after our time in the Marine Corps. Its going to be so nice to just take a nice Saturday, call him up and take the boat out with the boys:) I bet you all thought I was a girly girl huh...I don't mind baiting my own hook and throwing my own line right there by the boys!!

{Windows Wide Open/Being Outside}
Being able to open the windows WIDE OPEN to let some fresh air in {regret it when allergy season hits!!} But to be able to just have that nice weather, the nice sunshine, a nice breeze come in..that is just amazing!! Able to sit outside and sticking your feet in the grass to just relax and chit chat with family or friends. Can't wait for these days again:)!!


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