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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome To The World Alexandria.Birth

First off, I want to thank Ashley and Sean for letting me be there to capture this special moment in their lives with welcoming their 4th sweet baby into the world:) I feel so very honored that they let me be there to do this for me! So thank you so much!!! If you don't remember Ashley, I did her maternity session last month, which you can check {here}!

I got a text from Ashley about 7:30pm-ish on Wednesday night that they were going to be having a baby very soon that night. So I was super excited, I could barely eat my dinner. I was half-way out the door to head to the Naval Hospital to meet them. I get to the hospital and was READY! Ashley had to be moved rooms so I was waiting for her, the first person I is Sean's face and he has the BIGGEST smile any excited dad could literally ever have! He was ready to meet his newest little girl:)

While we waited to meet Alexandria to make her debut, Sean was keeping us busy. I might even have to get a new phone after our little talk! Ashley and Sean are so cute together, he right there the whole time. Asking her if she needed anything, if she was okay. He even pulled up her favorite episode of The Office for her to watch on his phone!!!! I also loved how they both were still stuck on how the spelling of her name was going to be:) Ashley wanted Alexandra and Sean wanted Alexandria...I bet you can tell who got to name her;) It was just a little after midnight and we were told that we were about to meet Alexandria!! Ashley was such a trooper and did an amazing job:) Alexandria is just so beautiful and I was told she was the biggest out of her brother and sisters in birth weight! I can't wait to photograph her newborn photos here soon. Congrats again to this sweet family! Now here is Alexandria's birth story....


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  1. I keep coming back to view these photos and the newborn ones, I love them so much!