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Sunday, November 20, 2011


This family just melts my heart and has since I photographed MaKenna and Chris' engagement session last year. This story is going to make you cry, so grab those tissues!!

MaKenna and Chris adopted Bandit and Bear at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter which is one of the highest kill shelters in the region. They called the shelter about another dog but was told that the dog was about to be put down. The shelter told them that they had two brothers there and that if they made it to the shelter before 2pm they could see them, if not they would be put down since they were on their 5th day stray hold. MaKenna arrived at 1:30pm and Bandit came right up to her in the cage and Bear was curled up in the back giving her the biggest puppy eyes ever!! She was told that they were both picked up on the I-10 in San Bernardio, they also are estimated to be 10-11 months old. Even though they were not prepared to take two dogs home, MaKenna decided that BOTH of the boys were going home with her. Bandit and Bear both have scars all over them and Bear was shot with a BB Gun since a pellet was found in bedded into his neck.

Chris and MaKenna think they have never been in a home since they were scared at first, they have never been in a car. They are seeing their personalities come out so much since they have rescued them. Also, Bandit and Bear have been diagnosed with Canine Distemper. They are in the respiratory phase, there is also no treatment for this viral disease:( Chris and MaKenna have taken both the boys to Northern LA to a vet who specializes in this disease and have had success with a vaccine. The vet says they have a strong enough immune system and were given the vaccine. MaKenna and Chris are hoping that the boys can beat this and be part of the 25% of canines that survive this viral disease! If not they want Bandit and Bear to experience the good life and to be able to live a happy carefree life like dogs should. They couldn't imagine life without their new "fur babies"...which asks the question...Who rescued Who?!

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