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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This blog is a little more special to me then my other blog posts. {Your que to go get some tissues!!}

I was asked earlier this year to do a newborn session for Trisha and Connel of their handsome little boy Brice. Well I never got the chance to meet Brice or photograph him since this precious little boy only lived from Sunday to Sunday {3.20.11-3.27.11}. Brice suffered from an Umbilical Cord Prolapse that caused his oxygen supply to be cut off. He was born via emergency c-section, barely alive. He was then transported to Loma Linda where he went through a series of test to measure his brain function and it was determined he was brain dead so it was up to them to let him "live" like that or take him off life support. His stats were the best they had ever been on the 27th, his heart rate dropped down into the 80s later that day and stayed there for hours so Trisha and Connel had the very hard decision to take him off life support since they felt that it was Brice's way of giving them a sign to let him go. RIP Brice♥

Trisha and Connel are the sweetest people I have ever met. Connel is quit funny and loves to learn about new things and read about new things. Trisha is so sweet and is just stunning:) We were cracking jokes and just laughing the whole time. They love to travel together and just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, so Congrats to them!! I really wish the best for this sweet couple.

Now check them out:):)

 {Where they are from and Where they got married:)}

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  1. awww, tiffany, make me cry why don't you! Beautiful images. Just beautiful.